General Information

The STRABOS Institute has as one of its pillars the support of scientific research in the fields of strabismus and/or amblyopia. Studies may be developed at universities, hospitals and colleges, both in Brazil and abroad, and will receive financial support. Grants are awarded directly by the STRABOS Institute. The number of grants awarded annually will depend on the relevance of the study, to be defined by the Scientific Commission, and on the availability of funds.

Target Audience: Ophthalmologists or orthoptists interested in developing scientific studies may submit their projects to the STRABOS Institute Scientific Commission. Any researcher who performs their research while receiving a grant from the STRABOS Institute shall:

  1. Complete the “Submission Form”, observing all deadlines;
  2. Every study protocol sent with the goal of obtaining a STRABOS Institute grant must include its approval by the Research Ethics Committee – CEP (or the delivery protocol from CEP – in which case, approval to receive the grant will be linked to the study’s acceptance from CEP);
  3. Wait for an e-mail reply regarding the approval of their study on the date set forth by the bid notice;
  4. Once the study and grant are approved, attend a monthly meeting at the STRABOS Institute headquarters (Rua Francisco Leitão, 469- salas 104 a 106 – Pinheiros) to discuss their work with their faculty advisor and complete the monthly technical report regarding the progress of the study.
  5. When submitting works for presentation on scientific events or for publication, they must be previously assessed and approved by the Strabos Institute Scientific Commission
  6. Undertake to inform, on oral presentations/posters presented on scientific events, or when submitting the work for publication, that the study had financial support from the STRABOS Institute.
  7. If the work is considered for award nomination, 40% of any amounts received shall belong to the Strabos Institute, to encourage new studies.