About Us

We are Ophthalmologist Physicians, experts in Strabismus, with a powerful vocation and something in common!
With the purpose of fully working together on the topic of strabismus, the Strabos Institute was born to:

  • Care for the low-income population with appointments, treatment, and by promoting free surgery
  • Train Professionals, by offering expert training courses
  • Encourage scientific production

Our History

With the insight that there is a small number of strabismus experts and a large demand for surgery from socially vulnerable people, Dr. Mauro Goldchmit decided to dedicate his efforts to change this scenario. 2008 to 2013 was the period needed to assemble the pieces and settle all the ideas and paths to traverse. This time was used to incubate the project that we today recognize as a social, innovative and transformative startup in the healthcare industry.
At first, it seemed like a dream, hard to turn real, but over the years and with projects that caused a great social impact and had significant results, today we have a network of professionals interested in improving this scenario in Brazil.
In 2013, the Strabos Institute was born with the challenge of changing this panorama and becoming a reference center for teaching, social action and research in strabismus.
Em 2013 nasce o Instituto Strabos com o desafio de mudar esse panorama e se tornar um centro de referência no ensino, ação social e pesquisa em estrabismo.

A Message from the President

“The Strabos Institute represents the greatest Strabismus initiative in South America in recent years.”

This statement was made by Dr. Fernando Prieto-Díaz, an exponent in Argentinian strabology, during his conference titled “An update on strabismus from South America” at the 4th “World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus” Congress, held in Hyderabad, India, in December 2017, a group of whose Scientific Commission I am part.

This statement fills us with pride, but also with the sentiment of the undertaken responsibility. It is an acknowledgment of the path traveled by the Strabos Institute since its foundation on the search of excellence in the qualification and training of professionals in these fields, the encouragement of research, and providing appropriate treatment for socially vulnerable patients.

To achieve these goals, there are several actions conducted annualy, and the growth of the Strabos Institute can be felt with the opening of our headquarters, giving us greater breadth. On our website, you can learn about each of our actions.

I offer my sincerest thanks to the colleagues of the Executive Board for believing in this dream, the members of the Advisory and Fiscal Councils for their dedication and trust in the guidance of the Institute, and to our staff and volunteers, who are the fuel for the best operation of our day-to-day activities. I am deeply proud of the entire team and, with everyone’s help, we will together turn our plans into reality and make a difference in Teaching, Social Action, and Research on Strabismus. Finally, our thanks to the donors, sponsors, partners and supporters, without whom our activities would not be feasible.

To the future!

Mauro Goldchmit, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer